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Is Chucksteak Nuts?

Chucksteak's TherapyFor those who may not know, Chucksteak (CS) is a Podtrasher and host of the Podtrash Sunday show Chuck’s Take with Chucksteak. Chucksteak’s show, hosted by his brother Booney (we’ll talk about him later), can be heard on Podtrash on Sunday nights at or around 8pm or 9pm EST. Chucksteak and his brother have done about 37 episodes to date. For what it’s worth, I think his show is really entertaining and worth checking out.

Anyone who has listened to CS’s show for any length of time quickly becomes aware of the fact the CS believes in a lot of conspiracies. I don’t just mean the bigger conspiracy theories, I mean most all of them. To put that into perspective, here’s some theories CS subscribes to;

  • Lizard People Conspiracy – Alien lizards impersonating humans
  • The Chemtrails Conspiracy – Airplanes are poisoning us with aluminum dust
  • The Sandy Hook Conspiracy – Actors played the family of victims
  • Orlando Night Club Conspiracy – False flag, didn’t happen and actors again
  • 9/11 Conspiracy – Da jooz did it (or our government)
  • Holocaust Conspiracy – Bodies found were killed by the Allied powers not Germany
  • The Moon Landings Conspiracy – It was all filmed in a studio
  • The CIA AIDS Conspiracy – CIA made AIDS to kill gay people
  • New World Order Conspiracy – Too big to describe in a sentence
  • Apocalyptic Prophesies (classified as conspiracy) – We’re all going to die on this day
  • Immunization Conspiracy – The shot makes everyone sterile (or something like that)

Kid Eating PizzaI know I’m leaving out a few, but I’m sure you get the point. Now it’s not out of the ordinary for any given person who might read that list to subscribe to one or two of those ideas, and it’s notable to point out that just because it’s called a conspiracy doesn’t make it untrue. But we are asking the question of, is Chucksteak fucking nuts, because he believes in all of them, and more. So let’s be honest, it’s a fair question to ask. And it’s not like we’re talking about some person who halfheartedly supports these ideas, oh no no no. We’re talking about an Inflexible “it’s a fact” kind of mentality that does not accept outside knowledge that’s contrary to the theory. We know that for certain because many PT’ers have tried to point out fallacies in CS’s logic to include incorrect data, exclusion of facts, bad sources etc. Nothing makes a dent in that noggin though. So whether CS is fucking nuts or not, it’s definitely safe to conclude he’s fucking hard headed.

Now for the million-dollar question, is CS fucking nuts? First off, there are ZERO PT’ers qualified to definitively make that diagnosis, including myself, so what we’re left with is our collective opinions as to whether it’s a YES he is, or NO he isn’t. It’s important to point out, that being fucking nuts is not an uncommon issue, and it does not imply one is an ‘asshole’ or ‘idiot’ or other derogatory terms that might come up, and there is no malice in asking the question. Personally I believe that listening to someone who could very well be fucking nuts, can be interesting and pretty funny. So what do you think? Is Chucksteak fucking nuts or not?

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Poll Results - Is Chucksteak nuts?