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Mad Max Soundboard

On an early and infamous W&B Show, Mad Max threw his first on-air tantrum which was quite entertaining for us listeners. From that show, we cliped about 163 usable Max clips and about 5 Booney clips (because they were funny). Since we are not using them for anything we figured we'd share them (too soon?). To note, once you go to the soundbord page and on Chrome browser, to the right side of the individual clips there is a download button for that clip, but not in other browsers that we checked. Also on Microsoft's browser (Edge) some clips don't load without a refresh, because Microsoft is like that. We've also put all the clips into a tidy little compressed file that you can download HERE.

To note, when on the soundboard page when using a phone or tablet, you'll probably have to scroll to the right see all 3 colums.

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