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Maxxx – the M in CMZ

Podtrasher MaxxxwellThis is the first in a series of articles about hosts on Podtrash, as well as callers and characters behind the scenes (we have our eye on you chat). First up is the well know Podtrash host that goes by the name Maxxx, or sometimes Maxxxwell or @truefloridian on Twitter.

Like a lot of people may know, the PT community initially established its roots on an old site called WDM where Stern Show fans flocked to. It was rumored that WDM had up to date Stern Show content for free download, but we’ll just call that a rumor. There was another rumor about a ‘cease and desist’ order which pretty much ended WDM, but who the fuck likes rumors anyway. The point is that, Maxxx is a WDM veteran.

As PT’s founder Wush has previously claimed, and I’m paraphrasing, ”Maxxx didn’t know how to turn on a fucking computer when I first showed him how to do shit”. The way Wush puts it, Maxxx is lucky to have learned how the flusher on a toilet works. Okay, I’m kidding about that part but the point is that Maxxxwell started as pleb as a pleb could be, and has come a LONG way since WDM. Maxxx has 2 of his own podcast on PT, one titled CMZ and the other CMZ The Boneyard and he engineers some shows as well. What’s the difference between the 2 CMZ’s? One comes on an hour later, that’s the fucking difference so don’t worry about it. No seriously though, Maxxx’s Saturday podcast seems to be more lose and wild and Thursday’s show seems to be a tad tamer, with a lot more blathering from the C and the Z named persons of the CMZ show. Although the C and the Z persons are harmless really to Maxxx’s show (because he’s fucking Maxxx), they are known to talk too much and laugh constantly at their own words, which is annoying, but Maxxx is still able to come out on top by telling them to “shut the fuck up” when needed. #teammaxxx

Maxxxwell's annual NYE burning of the bodiesEvery one of us, no matter if we’re retarded or not, carry our own set of beliefs, ideas and opinions, but some of us have more interesting ones than others. Maxxx has a few of those interesting ones. The first I wanted to mention is how he feels about lady men. I guess you could call those people transgender, but there are too many fucking adjectives for me to keep up with what a person wants to be called. Whatever, you get the point. The following is a true story about Maxxx that a lot of people don’t know about, and the audio below explains exactly what I'm talking about when it comes to how Maxxx feels about girly boys.

The last thing that should be highlighted when it comes to Maxxx is a secret that a lot of people don’t know. Maxxx doesn’t talk about it on his shows but us that know him well are aware of it. Maxxx can talk to fucking aliens!! I know, that sounds ridiculous but it’s not a joke. It’s absolutely true, Maxxx has the ability to understand and converse with aliens. Are you a non-believer? See that’s your first mistake, you underestimated the Maxxxwell. Here is the undeniable truth.



 Maxxx's Dog Happy  Maxxx's Dog Ashamed