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Max Soundboard - Too soon?

So why does this exist? Well a while back, in July of 2016 I think, I went through the infamous episode of W&B (don't recall episode #) where Max provided everyone with his first on-air tantrum, and to be fair it was entertaining and not directed at a girl. So I clipped out all of usable clips from Max to make some audio bits, which I later posted in his article. On that W&B show there were about 163 usable clips from Max and I think, I clipped 5 things out from Booney just because they were funny. I’m not using them for anything and it was a lot of work at the time, so I figured why not share them (too soon?). On Chrome browser, to the right side of the individual audio players there is a download button for that clip, not in other browsers though that I noticed. Also on Microsoft's browser (Edge) some clips don't load without a refresh, because Microsoft is like that. I've also put all the clips into a compressed file you can download HERE.

To note, on a phone or tablet you'll probably have to scroll to the right see the 3 colums.

All ever done

Am I clear

Am I clear retard

A mortgage

And fuck Boots

And from Booney

And I love it

And I'm getting shit

And thank you

And that's fine

And that's not cool


Auu listen to ya

Be quite

Be quite let him

Booney - 8 followers

Booney - hope they laugh

Booney - and your speaking

Booney - huh

Booney - tweet phone gate


But if you're not

Come to Tampa

Dick wad lost show

Didn't throw under bus

Don't compare to me

Don't do don't do what

Don't ever let me

Don't interrupt retard

Eh Eh Eh Eh

Fact of the matter

Fuck both of you

For whatever reason

All you guys bros

Fuck you and

Fuck you and what you

Fuck is this guy

Fuck you and anyone

Gave fag Boots

Gave faggot Boots show

Give me your name

Go ahead 30 seconds

Go ahead I'll stop

Go live in a tent

Gonna answer question

Got big balls

He's over there

Here's your issue

He's a dead mofo

He said you were

Hey vanilla


Hurry up 90 seconds

I'm controlling

I defended him

I didn't

I don't fucking care

I don't know who

I don't need

I got kicked off

I had Friday night

I have no problem

I hope everybody

I know wasn't me

I know where

I lost show faggot

I love it

At end of wits

I'm board

I mean really

I mean you know

I'm getting text messages

I'm in I'm not calling anybody

I'm not mad

I never thought that

I proposed Joey

IQ 13 times

I slap the shit

Issue out of

Is that really

It's here's the deal

It's irrelevant

K here's the deal

Let me explain

Let me tell you son

Like a person who

Lost show cause of

Lost show you

Love you brother

Mofo swear if you

Not stop yelling

Not talking to you

Now mofo

Now you got big balls

Now you're butt hurt

Oh Boon go make knife

Oh I just said

Oh really

People would charge

Please don't

Probably better not

Right right yeah right

Should have come

Show them to me

Shut the fuck up

Shut the fuck up again

Shut the fuck up move


Shutup shutup shutup

So fuck you

So pissed

So therefore

So what have to do

Speak mofo

Shutup and idiot


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Suck Boots cock

Suck my cock

That's what I wanna

That was lost show

That's when I told you

That fucker brought

There bro

There ya go boy

Think throw balls chin

Think you have big balls

Throw balls around

Tired of BS

Told you were cunt

To who to you

You drunk POS

You Fn faggot

You Fn jerk off

You Fn drunk

You gave them to me

You guys really want

You know what I mean

You live in a tent

You're Fn piece of garbage

You're an asshole

You're retarded

You shut the fuck up

You shut the Fup and make

You worry about yourself

Want to know


What's up bro

What's up dude

What you gonna do

What what

When you speak to me

Which I regret

Who gives a fuck

Who are you bro

Ya dick wad

Ya Fn jerk off

Yes or no

You are a lying POS

You go do that

You have no idea

You have to know

You jerk off

You piece of garbage

You really did

Your opinion

You understand that

You said I threw you