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Podgash Defies HPE Legal Action & Drops the 'H'

No more PodgashIn protest of the recent HPE legal actions, Podgash has decided to drop the ‘H’ from its domain name. We would have dropped the ‘P’ also, but ‘Odgas’ makes no sense.

Okay we were joking about the reason, but seriously though, Podgash has undergone a little bit of an internal face lift, which has nothing to do with any of the characters on the network. The other domain (Podgash) may not load until the redirect kicks in. Most returning visitors probably won’t even notice, but dropping the ‘H’ in Podgash was a no brainer. One, it’s a SIX letter URL versus a 7 letter URL, and two, it references a fart joke. You see, in the .com world, a six letter URL is hard to come by, at least ones that makes any kind of phonetic sense, so we considered ourselves lucky that domain was still available. Although with the new website extensions available nowadays (i.e. .health, .play, .reality, .hot, etc.) it is easy to find a good URL with an extensions other than .com.

In keeping a .com domain in mind, as well as the Google announcement made in late 2016, we thought it best to address several needed changes. We have secured the website using SSL (Secure Socket Layer or HTTPS). Like many websites are doing nowadays, this is in response to the Google announcement we referenced, and in that announcement they stated that they were making a change in their search engine algorithm and all websites that are SSL secured, will maintain and advantage over those that are not. You can read about that HERE. Also, when you consider that our internet privacy rights were recently signed away by our political representatives, securing a website with SSL (HTTPS) becomes even more important.

Yeah, I know this stuff is not too exciting for most, but it’s the nature of our beast so we thought we’d explain it a little bit. Soon everyone will see a BIG FAT RED X mark on EVERY website they visit that is NOT SSL secure. You can already see this on some browsers. When you consider that an SSL Certification on most hosts only cost between $55 to $80 per year, and it can mean the difference between being found in search or not, it’s a website no-brainer.

PodgasI could get in to more depth on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but I have a feeling that most people that would read this would not find it too interesting, and I don’t’ blame them. Marketing only seems exciting when you are one of those in a position to see the results. In reality though, SEO can literally mean the difference between making a shit ton of money on the internet or none at all, and marketing is a blast when you can see the green, and I'm not speaking in realtion to this site, but in realatioin to an internet related business.

The last change to Podgas (formerly known as Podgash) that we will address is the website homepage display, which we have changed to display the ‘News’ feed. This is in line with other entertainment news kind of websites, and for good reason. This format has been shown to improve the user experience overall, by making navigation simpler and more data available while requiring less user interaction to see it.