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Booney Declares Wush an Obsessed Bully

Wush is a big obsessed MeanyChad’s show began with the sit in guest, John Booney. Booney and Chad’s conversation started out in a familiar tone for those who have heard them on-air before in this type of 2-person format, which often follows some type of PT drama. It seems whenever the topic at hand is related to PT, the meat of that conversation only occurs after the increasingly predictable strategy of discrediting the PT audience, or community in general, occurs. To be fair to Booney, this has been Chad’s M.O. from the start, which includes a few other prerequisites. This technique essentially breaks down into 3 stages, with the first 2 having no particular order. How it played out on Friday’s Chad show stuck to the formula pretty much;

  • Stage 1 – Discredit the PT audience
  • Stage 2 - Express how much you don’t care about it
  • Stage 3 - Talk at length about the thing which you don’t care about

We should name this technique so it’s easier to refer to in the future, so we’ll call it the “Puns in the Bum” technique. Anyway, for this show it was Booney who had the PT related issue that was up for discussion, or more specifically an issue with its owner, Wush. And I’m going to be honest, as far as Booney’s and Chad’s first few stages of Puns in the Bum that kicked off this show, I’d only rate them a 2 out of 5 stars. On previous shows with this format, it was a lot more motivated and fully erect, like a huge uncircumcised humorless cock coming straight for your virgin unemployed ears of stupidity. But this one was like, meh. We have to tell PT how stupid they are, so let’s just get it out of the way. This is a sure sign this most recent W&B drama is dying down on Booney’s end, nothing can last forever I guess. Sigh. For closure purposes we’ll list some of the top W&B dramas of past and present, where Booney also gracefully put his Puns in the Bum;

  • PT Chat sucks, I should be admin (ChatAdmin-gate)
  • Robyn’s alleged negative influence over Wush (Robyn-gate)
  • Refusing to produce show recordings in a timely manner (Chucksteak-gate)
  • Other people recording and sharing his shows (JVoitech-gate)
  • Evil GIF files being added to the site (GIF-gate)
  • Wush’s alleged incompetence at being a producer (Producer-gate)
  • Wush’s is obsessed with me (Wush-gate)

Podtrash Emotional Abuse

While this show's initial game was not as strong as usual and somewhat flaccid, that's not to say they didn’t maintain their minimal standard. Shortly after the show kicked off, in reply to Chad saying he was late because of work, Booney suggested 90% of PT’s audience are unemployed, with Chad’s insinuating they were also uneducated. Chad prompted Booney to answer whether or not he cared about what certain people thought about him, and Booney answered with the predictable, No. So with stages 1 & 2 in the books, and PT’s audience placed properly into their corner of unemployed, stupid insignificance, Booney began to discuss his major issues with what went down during Twitch-gate, the most notables being how Wush is an obsessed bully supporting a campaign against him by sending in zombie like people to hate on him. Or something like that. You figure it out, here are some clips where they talk about it;

Ironically, part of this hate campaign Booney referred to was on the previous Chad show, were Wush was the caller. That show, and Wush’s gaming stream, were the “hours and hours” that Booney alleges Wush was obsessing over him, and being a bully. As Booney went on to discuss Twitch-gate and Wush, neither Booney or Chad brought up the facts of that story that made it a story in the first place. You can read about that story we covered HERE. Essentially Booney had cancelled a live show (due to Chucksteak calling in to watch football), and during that time slot he chose to go live anyway, but on his personal Twitch channel while advertising on PT, the very network that hosts the show he cancelled. A good analogy to what went down might go something like; You’re a waitress at a restaurant and you decide to call in for work, and after doing so you show up at work anyway, during what would have been your shift, but not to work, instead you just walk around still expecting the tips.

Pink Elephant AwardAs Booney’s got his PT thoughts off his chest, he mentioned he couldn’t wait for the morel mushrooms season that was coming soon, and Chad followed that with “I don’t even know how to get started on little anecdotes about morels”, then BOOM! It happened again. The continuing phenomenon Podgas has reported on previously, and that was called “fake news” by some. Podgas takes fake news claims very seriously. The phenomenon we’re referring to is when Chad says something, then laughs alone awkwardly at his own words. So in the spirit of facts and fairness, we thought it best to include an actual clip of this odd phenomenon from this show;