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Chuck’s Take with Chucksteak Hits a Home Run

Chuck's Take with Chucksteak hits a home runWhat a great show, and refreshing in my humble opinion. It was really nice to hear Booney and Chucksteak stepping up their content game for their new Chuck’s Take with Chucksteak (CTwithCS) podcast, which aired Sunday evening, January 29th at 9pm EST on Podtrash. As far as the news and Podgas goes, we don’t intend to write a story about every show that airs, that's not sustainable or much fun, but this normally scheduled broadcast was an exception. And there’s no need for an in-depth analysis, because as any person who has listened to all or most of their shows would agree, the effort in stepping up their game was clear. One notable fundamental difference was the show length, it concluded naturally and was closer to 90 minutes than an hour, as compared to other shows that were an hour or less and ended abruptly in anger. A simple way to put it is, that this was the crème de la crèm of CTwithCS shows, at least considering the recent past.

To highlight a few of the homeruns, one was a caller from Boston named Chuck from Boston (CfromB), who is a caller to several PT shows and a pretty funny dude. His confusion about what the fuck is actually happening is always funny, but CfromB really knows more than he lets on to, as evident by the fact he pointed out to Booney what he should have done during his Twitch-gate steam. CfromB's call ended with him saying he was going to contact Wush of PT about starting a new podcast on the network. With content and variety being the key in the network game, let's just hope that's more than a pipe dream.

There was another caller to the show named Sidewynder, who was introduced as Chuck and Booney’s uncle and a military veteran. The topic turned to guns, self-protection and combat in general with Sidewynder offering his fascinating perspective on weapons, and one that came from, as he referenced, having used them in directly combat or having them used against him. They didn’t get into the specifics of Sidewyner’s service (hopefully more to come), but Sidewynder did mention that it was 30 years ago. Using our military time line, that would date his service back to Desert Shield or Desert Storm. As a side note, our dearly departed Joey severed during this time, as did myself. Although I don’t claim ‘combat experience’, as I went the Navy route, where barrel duty was the biggest threat.

The New England Patriots Headed to Super Bowl

Of course this wouldn’t be CTwithCS story without at least one good conspiracy theory debunking, and in this case it’s in reference to Booney’s late show claim that crop circles were due to US black ops activity and CS suggesting it was satellites or maybe extraterrestrial beings. Here is a clip from the show about that;

Coincidently, what also came out today on January 29th, was a video about how crop circles got its big start in 1976. It comes from one of the bigest science and research channels on You Tube, and happens to be in Podgas's subscription list. We've added it to Video Page and that particular video can be found HERE. This short 8.5-minute video goes straight to the source, highlighting what Bailey and Trolley themselves, the pioneers of the crop circle phenomenon, have explained in multiple interviews in the last 40 years.

The last few things worthy to note, that happened after the show, was that Booney announced in PT Chat that next week’s CTwithCS was cancelled. This is obviously due to it being Super Bowl Sunday, and Chuck and Booney happen to be Patriots fans. Go figure. Anyway, as it was suggested to them, CTwithCS may go on after the game as a ‘Super Bowl After Show’ kind of deal. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if that happens. Also after the show, JVoitech posted a show recording literally within a few minutes of the shows conclusion. He was all over it like jizz on tits, so kudos to him for that. Hell, even Booney called it fair play. Evidently someone put something in that Boston water tonight.