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Podtrash’s 2017 Drama Bowl, WTF happened?

Podtrash's resident not doctorsI admit I wasn’t very motivated to write up this article about the events that transpired during Podtrash's 2017 Drama Bowl, because this one would require a lot of post-listening. We missed most of the live content because of a Super Bowl party, but thanks to Chucksteak's elegant and inspiring tweet before this article's first words hit 'paper’, I figured maybe an in depth look at what went down might be worth it. After all, if the events elicit drunken anger then there has to be some juicy bits somewhere.

First off, this latest Booney, Wush and Chad drama that aired on Super Bowl Sunday night, was way too complicated in how it played out for just a simple explination. These interpersonal conflicts (meaning Booney & Chad’s issues with Wush & his against them) were covered in 3 separate broadcasts! That’s like 3 separate arguments aired independently. None of those inconsiderate bastards showed respect for conciseness when it came PT's 2017 Drama Bowl. So yeah, thanks a lot for that you sons of bitches.

So for the First Half of Drama Bowl Sunday, it went down on Booney’s ‘I’m drawing Chad’s head again’ Twitch broadcast. I think that was Part 4 of that series, but I digress. So what did we learn from this broadcast? Well, Chad absolutely does not care for Wush as a person, and he thinks he’s an insane asshole, and Wush absolutely thinks Chad’s a disingenuous condescending know-it-all that can’t take criticism and is a pathological liar. So yeah, the meat of Drama Bowl 2017 was in this first broadcast.

BigPunGoogleWush’s first main point was that Chad acts like he doesn’t care about views and stuff, but is actually a struggling attention whore in denial. Wush also claimed Chad can’t take advice on anything without getting salty, and Chad claimed Wush was insane. That whole conversation was in reference to another earlier stream where Wush’s gave a suggestion to Chad about increasing his stream views, and Chad’s reaction to that, which was to state that views were not important to him, is what Wush claimed highlighted his constant disingenuousness attitude about not caring about public attention while constantly clamoring for it.

After that exchange, Chad stated that he was not going to "troll" any Podtrash stuff anymore and will not self-promote on Podtrash again, with Booney making the same type of statement later in the broadcast. Chad also stated to Wush, “I genuinely think you are an asshole and don’t like you as a person”. Wush immediately broke down into tears and stated, “I know you are but what am I.” Okay, I'm joking about that Wush part, but he did tell Chad to “keep growing into that computer chair, thinking you’re a doctor”. Wush also stated that Chad had dropped out of classes two years ago, and spends all of his time trolling the Stern show or other internet activities. We’re not sure where Wush’s claims of Chad ‘dropping out’ of school came from, and Chad didn’t address or deny it. This point in the broadcast was the only common ground between Wush & Booney, with Booney agreeing with Wush on his time related point about Chad spending copious amounts of time either on-air or trying to get on air, as it relates to his doctor studies, while stating it was “an interesting anomaly”. Chad eventually responded to that by directing people to check his student and grant status on-line, because it’s public record. In Chat, and previous to Drama Bowl, Chad did post a link to a college website student page with a photo from 2008, but he never addressed how he has so much free time in graduate school or any type of curriculum he participates in, besides his occasional teaching assignments that is a requirement for the program he’s in, which he stated was sponsored by NIH. We know about Chad’s teaching assignments because he always announces it on Podtrash, like he did on a recent Eh Team show by letting everyone know he was instructing a physics class in the morning.

When pushed further by Wush about how Chad could have all this time to dedicate to non-academics during 'doctor training', Chad stated Wush was insane and basically Wush was alone in that assesment. Chad went on to claim that no one else questions that, and Wush only does so because he’s an insane weirdo. To be fair we should correct the record on that, because Podgash was there. Chad has been asked on numerous occasions and on numerous shows by both podcasters and callers alike, how he can possibly spend so much time on non-academics considering his claims of being a doctor in training. As with previous inquiries, the question was not answered directly but instead Chad stated, “Google Bug Pun Donahue” or look at the student website where he’s listed as a student. He also referred to a paper he published under his advisor in July 2016 which is on that student page. It’s not understood by the PT community why Chad doesn't directly address his curriculum or time spent on academics (or lack of) as it relates to the time he spends on-air or attempting to be on-air, but the validity of the question is clear when considering the acedemic claims that have been made. When one toots their own horn often enough, people eventually want to see the horn. So for clarity puposes we did Google Chad’s self-imposed nick name as he suggested, and the result can be seen in the search illustration we included. Maybe he has a point?

Dr. Who knowsAnyway, Booney later alluded to the fact that Wush was a major contributor of his alcohol problems saying, “You are a big part of my alcoholism, working with you for 100 episodes has tripled my alcoholism”. Triple alcoholism is nothing to laugh at folks, but we need to stay on topic. Booney shortly followed that remark by claiming to Wush, “You can’t stand that I’m always right, it plagues your life”. Yeah, the drama was getting pretty deep towards the end.

The second half of Drama Bowl 2017, or broadcast number 2, played out on the Chad Show which replaced Sunday’s normally scheduled Chuck's Take show. Chad began by claiming Wush was being bizarre and weird, which was in response to Wush pointing out that Chad does nothing but constantly criticizes him or the network. Basically Wush’s point was that Chad dishes it out, but can’t take it. There were several issues discussed with most of them being touched on previously to include the whole time question as it relates to Chad’s academic claims. Chad did get defensive this time about that question, sarcastically asking Wush what he thought he should spend his time on instead of how he spends it now, with those remarks ending with a “...then Fuck You”.

Pink Elephant AwardDrama Bowl 2017 Overtime, or broadcast number 3, was a Wush after show type of broadcast and admittedly we didn’t catch all of that one, just a small part where Wush provided an on-air summary of events. So what did everyone learn from all of these Drama Bowl shows? Well nothing much really, but the 2-on-1 theme that played out for a majority of this drama is similar in a lot of ways to the last W&B drama we previously covered HERE, but instead of Booney taking the lead while being prodded by Chad, Chad was more the aggressor on this one with Booney interjecting with his cattle prod where he could. So to summarize, if Chad is to be believed, Wush is a bizarre insane asshole weirdo, and if Wush is to believed, Chad’s a disingenuous condescending know-it-all and a pathological liar. Whatever one’s opinion might be, it’s safe to say to conclude that none of these individuals are close to being a doctor.