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The Podtrash Red Winter - 2017

The Podtrash Red Winter - 2017On or around January 2nd 2017, PT’s founder Wush stated that in the PT chat, and I’m paraphrasing here, “It’s time to cut the fat bitches, if your show isn’t on the top banner it means you got the axe, and for you other fuckers that are NOT canceled, expect a rule book soon you son of a bitches.

The shock wave quickly traveled around the PT community with JVoitech, an active member of chat and one of the host of the canceled Technical Holocaust show, immediately going into hiding. Chrissy, a host of the canceled CUNT show, also reportedly got her panties all in a bunch. According to Jon (Chrissy’s brother) as stated during his recent Eh Team show on the 4th of January, it took magic to calm her down. Also it’s been reported, but not confirmed, that Andy of Technical Holocaust has stabbed several of his Uber passengers.

As some PT’ers have pointed out, it takes a cold dead heart to leave people to fend for themselves, in what could possibly be the coldest Winter in recent memory. But as Wush stated shortly after the Podtrash Red Winter announcement, “ needed to be done”.