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You Said What?

Write it the way you see it.We thought we put our open invitation on this site for anyone who might want to write an article to publish on Podgas. This is not a request for articles, it is an invitation we made awhile back in response to a specific criticism we received about an alleged bias perceived in a past article or articles, although no specific article was highlighted.

So whether there is something you disagree with posted here, or you have something new, weird or interesting you want to write about, feel free to send it. The subject of any article would be up to whomever wrote it. All submissions we receive we’ll publish, so long as it meets a few basic requirements. One, it has to at least make some kind of sense, and two, that it fits into one of the categories at the top of the page (menu bar). We would also consider adding to the above categories, so long as there’s enough stuff to put in it.

All authors will be accredited by name at the top of their article. For article submissions, you can use the Podgas Twitter, or our Contact page, or you can email it. We'll provide an email address upon request through the Contact page. For any article submitted, please include some images to go along with it. You don’t have to, but it can help get the point of your article across. As far as images go, preferably use big ones, like 700 pixels wide (or more). Upsizing small images (low quality) makes things ugly. A quick tip, if you use Google Image search, click on ‘Tools’ at the top, then under ‘Size’ choose ‘Large’. That will get rid of most of the shitty ones.

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